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  • Are your gums receding and you don’t know what to do about it?
    There’s a wonderful solution that is virtually painless, and requires no incisions and no surgery.  It’s called the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique® and is the first minimally-invasive procedure to treat Read more
  • What is an Apicoectomy?
    What the heck is an apicoectomy?  (Pronounced “ey-pi-koh-tuh-mee”) If you have had a root canal sometime in the past and that tooth is now painful or swollen, you might need an Read more
  • October Newsletter
    Read more
  • Addressing Common Concerns About Root Canals
    Given most people have heard the expression, “I'd rather have a root canal” used to describe a situation they want to avoid, this treatment option has gotten a bad reputation. Read more
  • The Importance of Brushing and Flossing
    If you're worried about heart disease, you can easily spend thousands of dollars each year trying to prevent it, paying hand over fist for prescription medicines, shelves of healthy cookbooks, fitnessmachines Read more
  • 5 Signs You May Need Endodontic Surgery
    One thing is certain: By the time you have signs that you may need endodontic surgery, there will be no doubt in your mind that you should come to Cascadia Read more
  • Which floss to choose
    Which floss to choose? The choices can seem overwhelming, but we all have different spacing between our teeth, and the one that goes easily between your teeth is what you’re looking Read more
  • Why flossing and how to floss.
    Why flossing and how to floss.   No matter how thoroughly you brush your teeth, it’s impossible to reach the plaque and food debris that reside under the gum line between your Read more
  • Crown Lengthening procedure
    A crown lengthening procedure is designed to reshape the gums at the base of the desired tooth.   Its purpose is to expose additional tooth surface and if necessary adjust the bone Read more
  • Manual Vs. Electric Toothbrush: Which One Should You Choose?
    Manual Vs. Electric Toothbrush: Which One Should You Choose?   Both manual and electric toothbrushes are equally effective if you brush your teeth thoroughly for two minutes, twice a day. With a Read more
  • Why Choose Cascadia Dental Specialists?
    Please copy and paste the link below to see more about us. https://youtu.be/FuQSRLrqa8U Read more
  • Scaling and Root Planning
     Scaling and Root Planning (SRP) is also commonly called a "deep cleaning".  During a regular cleaning, your hygienist or dentist will clean the visible, or coronal, parts of your teeth Read more
  • Candy Causes Cavities!!!!
    There’s a scary thought for you this Halloween.  You’ve heard it a million times, candy and sugar are bad for your teeth, they cause your teeth to rot… but is Read more
  • Oral Cancer Screening
    In the United States 35,000 cases of oral cancer are diagnosed every year. World-wide that number jumps to over 480,000 cases.  Oral cancer accounts for 2.9% of all cancers in Read more
  • Getting Over the Hurdles That Keep You From Seeing Your Dentist
    The American Dental Association says an overwhelming 97% of you value your oral health!  Their recent survey on Oral Health and Well-Being in the United States (http://www.ada.org/~/media/ADA/Science%20and%20Research/HPI/OralHealthWell-Being-StateFacts/US-Oral-Health-Well-Being.pdf?la=en) also says that Read more
  • Stay Fresh this Valentine's Day!
    Bad breath giving you trouble? Valentine’s Day is coming up and this is the LAST problem you want to have.  Today we will go over what causes bad breath, how Read more

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