All On Four (Teeth In One Day)

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For people who have more than one problem tooth, obtaining a healthy smile can seem like an insurmountable goal. However, due to an innovation in dental technology called the All-on-Four method, getting up to four dental implants at once is now possible. If you’re interested in transforming your smile with the All-on-Four treatment, contact the experts at Cascadia Dental Specialists today.

All On Four (Teeth In One Day)

What is the All-on-Four treatment?

An amazing innovation in dental technology, the All-on-Four treatment allows for four dental implants and a fixed bridge (or fixed denture) to be implanted in as little as one appointment. In some cases, an entire mouthful of teeth may be replaced with implants. In most cases, there is minimal to no bone grafting, sinus grafting, or incising. The same technique can replace a single missing tooth.

The All-on-Four treatment is far superior to its alternatives. Removable dentures don’t look great and aren’t efficient at chewing, while getting single dental implants for each individual tooth can be incredibly costly and taxing on your body.

Finally, there’s a better way to get your pearly white smile back. The All-on-Four treatment gives you an entire new row of teeth in just one day.

How is the All-on-Four treatment done?

This advancement in dental care is now possible thanks to the evolution of science and computer-aided surgical techniques. With a CT scan, the specialists at Cascadia Dental Specialists can fabricate a precise computerized model of the mouth, allowing them to create a fixed bridge. This technique has revolutionized the field of dentistry. It is the least invasive and most cost-effective way for patients to receive multiple implants.

During surgery, the dentist inserts four implants in precisely the right places. As the implants become fused to the bone, they become a stable foundation for your replacement teeth to be placed. Once the teeth are placed along a dental bridge, they are ready to be implanted. In a single appointment, all of the teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth are replaced.

How can the All-on-Four treatment benefit me?

Most importantly, with just four dental implants, the All-on-Four method replaces an entire row of teeth, restoring the smile and giving the patient a renewed sense of self-confidence. These implants restore 90% of the patient’s chewing ability all at once, replacing all of the teeth at a much lower cost than getting individual implants.

Because Cascadia Dental Specialists works with a team of professionals and labs, patients can get their implants finished within a few days or sometimes even in a single day. Consult with them if you would like your implants expedited.

Degenerative oral conditions can wreck a smile, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live with the way it looks. Contact Cascadia Dental Specialists in Bellevue, Washington, today to get the smile you’ve always wanted.